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The company title Under The Influence Of Jazz came about to reflect the dedication of musicians attached to the genre. Jazz, like classical music and other art forms more demanding of ones skill, attracts people that are prepared to suffer for the cause. They aren’t involved solely in the pursuit of fame, they are doing it because it is their main interest. Under The Influence Of Jazz isn’t actually about jazz though, the title originated in reference to my experiences working with the arts. It represents all people in the world from whom I derive inspiration and they don’t only come from music, or the arts, it’s more about the appeal of working alongside those who exude passion for their chosen craft. The inspiration for the title, did come while working within the world of jazz though.

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My direction in my business dealings, always surrounds the art that drives the project. This can be visual or audio, but it usually comes from a combination of both, where one or the other, opens the door of interest for the desired audience. Then it’s about the experience of the connection that maintains their interest, which is where the challenge of creating the ongoing momentum comes into play. These are the factors that drive me, as they are ever changing. My personal involvement with each project surrounds the Creative Direction & Project Management and is either hands on, or and, revolves around the direction of a group of skilled individuals to achieve the desired results.

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In my employed, working life, I worked in Promotions & Marketing for record companies for over a decade - EMI, Polydor, Warner & Sony Music, finishing up at the latter as National Media Manager, in the late 90’s. From there on, as an independent, I have successfully established the careers of multiple musical artists who went on to secure major label recording deals, gold sales and other significant accolades. This career path has also seen me working international territories on the ground and remotely, including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Netherlands, New Zealand & The U.K. I am based in Australia, but I am willing to travel, whenever the need arises.

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While engaging musical projects I have also forged a career as an Event Designer. My event design work is very much a natural extension of my many years working in music, where I've honed my skills of connecting artists with their audiences. With corporate events, in essence there are similarities in the process, only that the brand takes the place of the artist, or performer.

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The contents of this site and the extended social media portals, showcase examples of audio, video, photography, art & images that I’ve had an independent association too, since I originally started trading in the late 90’s. They consist of imagery I’ve originated under my direction for events; album covers I've designed; company logos I've created, video clips I've Project Managed or been associated to, audio productions I've done + some of the acts I've represented performing live & on TV + my event designs & lay outs, including some events actually happening. The aim is to provide an actual history in pictures, although there is much more that is not displayed here. As you explore the various imagery + audio & video links, you will shape a complete picture of my diverse activities over the last two decades and how art has always been at the forefront. Please visit the social media channels for more content

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Former & current Artistic representations & associations include Internationals - Robert Reed (US), Randy Crawford (US), Mad Doctor X (UK), Mica Paris (UK), Takeshi Ohbayashi (Japan), Anton Davidyants (Russia), Coco Varma & Earthtribe (UK | Australia), Leo Guardo (Italy), Albare Quintet (feat’ Sammy Figueroa, Pablo Bencid, Yunior Terry & Axel Tosca Laugart), Alemay Fernandez (Singapore), Evelyn Feroza (Malaysia), Marques "Q Sound" Young (US | Malaysia), Enja Records (Germany), From P60 (Hungary), The Deepshakerz (Italy), Bobby Singh (India | Australia), Jaidene Veda (Canada), Scatterbrain (Romania)

AUSTRALIAN independent acts - Antiskeptic, BlueBottle Kiss, Resin Dogs (+ Hydrofunk label), Fatt Dex, MC Trey, Rhubarb, Skulker, Good Buddha, Diana Anaid, TestEagles (+ Krell Records), Pete Murray, The Hive (Baggsmen | Tony Buchen), Trapazoid, Nancy Vandal, ON, The Porkers, You Am I, Salamander, The Church, Serge Ermoll, The Angels, Mark N (Bloody Fist), Charlie Chan, Virna Sanzone, Michael Pignéguy & The Awakenings Ensemble, Christian Pyle (Acre) & more

Some more recent Audio & Art (last 5-10 years) projects within the Spotify links as follows


Please use the form on the Contact page to submit an enquiry if you would like to communicate about involving me in your project, or and, join the social media feeds for regular updates on more recent activities. Via the Spotify links, you can also listen to, or use our Global Beat Fusion, Electronic Groove or Chilled Summer Cocktail Mix compilation series for your functions, parties & events. All feature new music & are regularly updated.


The model in the main page image is Annalise McLean. The image is from a cover I designed (circa 2001) for a track titled Bee Sting

Thankyou for visiting the Under The Influence Of Jazz website, Stuart Craine

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